About Glen Moyer


I am a storyteller. I've been a journalist my entire adult life, telling stories large and small via radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. Now I'm writing, and telling my own story.

This blog is a record of my discovery of my Scottish heritage one story at a time. As I'm learning about that heritage I'm also discovering striking similarities between my ancestral home and my native home of Texas. Those findings led me to adopt the personal mantra "Texan by birth, Scot by ancestry" and at times I'll share a bit of Texas here too.

A further expression of my passion for Scotland can be found on my podcast, "Under The Tartan Sky." While this blog is my story, on the podcast I share stories of Scotland - its people, culture, history, and much, much more. I hope you'll give it a listen. You'll find it at www.underthetartansky.scot.

This is a story that has no end. While my ultimate goal is to make Scotland my home, that won't be the end, only a new beginning. 

Please feel free to get in touch.

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